Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lead,Follow,or get the Blog out of the way.

Create a blog, Paint. You can do it. It's easy!

Creating is what I do. Every day. Conjuring up ideas for artwork, creating witty repartee' with my fellow artists.

"You would be really good at blogging,Paint"

Yes, possibly, IF I really understood the concept. If it is just blabbing on and on about nothing,then I could be a world class blogger!

I needed to create this blog, from my limited understanding, to be able to be a "follower" of my friends blogs, my art group blogs and to link my blog to other bloggers blogs.....?????

I am not poking fun at blogging, can't, I am not all that certain what it is really. Is it talking to yourself and then letting others listen in? A place to vent your displeasure, or pleasure at the goings on in the world?

In short, I am certainly not going to LEAD in blogland, I would like to FOLLOW and keep up with my more techno-savvy friends, So..... Now I have the BLOG OUT OF THE WAY!

Labels!! What the @##@ is that? Dang I am old.


  1. Are you kidding Paint! It looks great. Now just add some pics of you past artwork so they can see what a dazzling artist you are. I was hopeless at it too at first but I just fiddled with it every now and then and it really isn't that hard. I have even got some orders from mine. Go paint, Go Paint!

  2. Welcome to blogland! I am so glad you took the leap and predict you will enjoy it!

  3. Whoo hoo great job Paint!!! I'm following you too!!! Sarah

  4. WooHoo! Paint is a Blogger! I knew ya could do it!


  5. I know exactly how you feel.
    Love your work!!
    Tracy M.