Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chasing the good life

Someone recently made this statement to me, "the economic crisis has reared it's ugly head,because we all are chasing the good life"

As I see it, the problem is not the chasing, but the definition. There is nothing wrong with striving,reaching,wanting. But we all have the power to live the good life. If we can define what it is. Or what it's not.

It is not a thing, or things,or designer things. A bigger house, a shiny car, or money.Some would say it's family, friends and a general grateful joy of life.

I think it's more. You arrive alone, You leave alone, to whatever is next. So to live the good life, remember yourself.

Today I plan to be the best friend I have, in my opinion only.


  1. Well said Paint! I always love your attitude, it is always so positive. You have helped me see things from a different perspective so many times and it makes a difference. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You know, after the last few years,with my husbands illness,I have come to realize that there are plenty of things about life we cannot control. I just try to concentrate on the ones I can.

  3. Love, love, love your paintings! Do you sell them online anywhere? If you don't, please open an Etsy store!!

    I would love to have one of your witchy moon paintings.