Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chasing the good life

Someone recently made this statement to me, "the economic crisis has reared it's ugly head,because we all are chasing the good life"

As I see it, the problem is not the chasing, but the definition. There is nothing wrong with striving,reaching,wanting. But we all have the power to live the good life. If we can define what it is. Or what it's not.

It is not a thing, or things,or designer things. A bigger house, a shiny car, or money.Some would say it's family, friends and a general grateful joy of life.

I think it's more. You arrive alone, You leave alone, to whatever is next. So to live the good life, remember yourself.

Today I plan to be the best friend I have, in my opinion only.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Lunar-Tic

Almost every Halloween painting I have ever done, has a moon in it. I am not certain when this obsession with the moon begin. One of my customers gave me the title "Lunar-tic", lovingly, I think!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Sampler of my Artwork


Lead,Follow,or get the Blog out of the way.

Create a blog, Paint. You can do it. It's easy!

Creating is what I do. Every day. Conjuring up ideas for artwork, creating witty repartee' with my fellow artists.

"You would be really good at blogging,Paint"

Yes, possibly, IF I really understood the concept. If it is just blabbing on and on about nothing,then I could be a world class blogger!

I needed to create this blog, from my limited understanding, to be able to be a "follower" of my friends blogs, my art group blogs and to link my blog to other bloggers blogs.....?????

I am not poking fun at blogging, can't, I am not all that certain what it is really. Is it talking to yourself and then letting others listen in? A place to vent your displeasure, or pleasure at the goings on in the world?

In short, I am certainly not going to LEAD in blogland, I would like to FOLLOW and keep up with my more techno-savvy friends, So..... Now I have the BLOG OUT OF THE WAY!

Labels!! What the @##@ is that? Dang I am old.