Monday, March 1, 2010

My new obsession

Recently, I have bitten by the 3D bug!

Normally, well as normal as I can muster, I am a painter. Give me a nice white canvas and I am ready to go. Now things call out to me. Seemingly ordinary things want to be made into objects! Suddenly, I am rummaging through everything, making witches out of oil cans, cutting up leather pants, wooden utensils talk to me! This latest creation let me know this affliction is serious. Have a little look at OAKLEY,BABY OWL. I had a pile of natural sea sponges sitting in my studio.. WWWHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO knew they would want to be an owl!

Oakley is available on Ebay this week

I really need to stop hanging around the Gourdqueen! BWAHAHAHAHAHHAA


  1. He's gorgeous - what is the ebay link to view him? Theresa

  2. Thanks. Here is the link.