Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Sneek Peek at my newest creations

July 13th is Spookytimejingles first birthday!

If you haven't been to visit this wonderful website, this is the month to do it! Not only great Halloween and Christmas creations, but door prizes and lots of surprises!

Buyers get an EXTRA 31 entries for a Halloween purchase and an EXTRA 25 for a Christmas purchase! Wonderful FREE art. (dang, wish I could play!!)

Here is a sneek peek at one of my listings :

7 Little Witches Lazy Susan

Done in acrylics, sealed with a protective finish, signed and dated.

This is a huge Susan, 16" in diameter!

Lots of details, nearly drove me to drink. (I know what some of you are thinking, just stop it! tee hee)

7 Little Witches Susan, available on spookytimejingles July 13th.

I am in Halloween mode full time lately, not a single piece of clothing I own is free of black and orange paint! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. Paint, I love this!! Wonderful colors!


  2. You know, I was having a kinda crumby day,then 2 other painters, whose work I adore, left me a couple of pats on the back, thank you my friends.

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  4. Crumby day? crumby? LOL--Did you mean crummy? LOL! Gotcha!

    Honestly, this is really cool! I love the houses as edging and she matches your upholstery too!

    Wonderful job, my friend!


  5. Josie! You are incouraga--never mind, I will spell it wrong and you will spell check me, so let's start over...

    Josie, You are a wise Aster.

    It was no typo. I am a smart cookie, Old smart cookie, therefore crumb-y. PPPPPPFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT